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Rula Jebreal and Jeffrey Goldberg discuss coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict; Maziar Bahari on the recent arrests of journalists in Iran, and his time spent in an Iranian prison

Rula Jebreal and Jeffrey Goldberg discuss coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict; Maziar Bahari on the recent arrests of journalists in Iran, and his time spent in an Iranian prison

July 20th, 2014
12:25 PM ET

Did NBC punish Gaza reporter for bias?

In the video above, Brian Stelter talks with CNN International anchor Jim Clancy about the unique challenges in coverage of the Middle East.

"It's very difficult territory," Clancy said. "A journalist can only expect that, if he's really doing a good job, both sides are criticizing his reporting."

Clancy also discussed NBC's decision to remove foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza, only to reinstate him a few days later amid a barrage of criticism from Mohyeldin's fans and fellow correspondents. Check out Stelter's related story about NBC here.

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July 20th, 2014
12:21 PM ET

Web Extra: Former RT reporter on why she resigned from network

Brian Stelter talks to former RT reporter Sara Firth about her resignation from the network this week.

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July 20th, 2014
09:30 AM ET

David Carr, Henry Blodget on Rupert Murdoch's bid for Time Warner

In this Web-exclusive video, Brian Stelter talks with New York Times media columnist David Carr and Business Insider co-founder and editor in chief Henry Blodget about Rupert Murdoch's bid for Time Warner. On Wednesday Time Warner said it had rebuffed Murdoch - but what might happen next?

Transcript of the conversation:

STELTER What is the likelihood of Time Warner being sold, in some way, in some form?

CARR: Well Henry's better at this stuff, but usually once something gets kicked into play, it doesn't get kicked back out of play. What you end up talking about is, 'What is the number?' Not 'Is it going to happen,' but 'When is it going to happen.' FULL POST

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July 13th, 2014
12:50 PM ET

Josh Earnest's first Sunday show interview

Video: New White House press secretary Josh Earnest steps away from the podium and sits down with Brian Stelter to talk about his new role.

Also check out these Web-exclusive video clips:
· About evolving White House press strategy
· About what Earnest has learned from his press secretary predecessors story about the interview:

Press groups, prominent journalists and administration critics have all accused President Barack Obama of failing to live up to his commitment to have the "most transparent administration in history." To some, that pledge is now a punch line. But the commitment endures, newly appointed White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in an interview on CNN's "Reliable Sources" on Sunday.

Earnest, who was a deputy press secretary before his promotion in June, cited "a number of steps that we've taken to give people greater insight into what's happening at the White House."

There is built-in tension in the relationship between the president and the press, Earnest said: "If there's ever a day when the White House press corps sits back and says, 'You know, we're getting all the information that we need from the White House Press Office,' then everybody in the White House press corps would not be doing their jobs, right?"


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July 13th, 2014
12:39 PM ET

Show me a story: ABC's photo flub

Brian Stelter looks at how photos can be used - and mis-used - by the media when telling a story.

Correction from Brian: the final photo I mentioned in this segment, of President Obama's meeting with Texas governor Rick Perry and other officials, was not taken aboard Air Force One; it was taken at Dallas Love Field. I'm sorry for the error.

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July 13th, 2014
12:30 PM ET

The TV news “arms race”

Cleavage, bare arms and short skirts: Kiran Chetry and Judy Woodruff on how and why female news anchors’ outfits have changed over the years.

· Related: The Huffington Post: This is the kind of BS women in television have to deal with, part 2

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July 13th, 2014
12:28 PM ET

Clinton “fan fiction” boots Hillary book

Slate’s Dave Weigel joins Brian Stelter to discuss “Blood Feud,” a salacious new best-seller that makes highly questionable allegations about the Clintons. The book recently surpassed Hillary Clinton's new memoir "Hard Choices" on The New York Times hardcover nonfiction best-seller list, as noted by this Times story.

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July 13th, 2014
12:19 PM ET

Anatomy of a smear: Bob Menendez

Was the Cuban government behind underage prostitution allegations made against Sen. Bob Menendez? CNN Justice Correspondent Evan Perez discuss how the smear story unfolded and then unraveled.

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July 13th, 2014
12:15 PM ET

Red News/Blue News: Immigration

Brian Stelter assess this week’s coverage of the contentious and emotional issue of immigration by liberal and conservative media.

July 13th, 2014
10:57 AM ET

Press secretary's lessons from predecessors

In this Web exclusive video clip, Brian Stelter asks new White House press secretary Josh Earnest what he has learned from his predecessors.

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