January 6th, 2012
03:31 PM ET

Sneak peek at this Sunday's show

By Cassie Spodak, CNN

This week saw media clamor over Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses, with Rick Santorum, who had garnered little press coverage, narrowly loosing to Mitt Romney. ABC’s Jon Karl, POLITICO’s Roger Simon and Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet will discuss the coverage as well as the media’s failure to scrutinize Santorum’s record leading up to the caucuses. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and The National Review’s Robert Costa will talk about the sticky question of candidates’ personal lives – from John Edwards $400 haircut to the death of Rick Santorum’s 2 hour old son.
The Huffington Post’s Lauren Ashburn will be on the show to discuss the week in media coverage as well as Keith Olbermann’s latest employment troubles at Current TV. WMUR’s James Pindell will also be on the show to discuss local news coverage of a national event as we near the New Hampshire Republican primaries.

This Sunday at 11a.m. EST on CNN.

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