April 15th, 2012
12:22 PM ET

Media Debate Trayvon Charges

As George Zimmerman is charged with murder, Jane Hall and Lola Ogunnaike join Howard Kurtz to analyze the media's coverage of his arrest.

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  7. Celeste Dobbs

    Incident occurred in Florida, Orange County on October 25,2006
    The main thing about this case is that the law is, that in order to find John guilty the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he didn’t act in self-defense.
    This law applies if 48 states including Florida. Where both the state and the federal court agree that Andrea Blanco approach John’s vehicle and then John walked around his car to meet him. Thus the altercation started. Then to refute his claim of self defense. The state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Blanco approach was not meant with criminal intent; Especially since he approach the passenger side of John’s vehicle of which his girl friend was seated. This did not happen, no reason was given for Blanco approach that did not inter hostile or criminal intent. All witness including CSI testified that either Blanco approached the couple or that the fight happened at John’s vehicle. In light of the fact that John fought 4-5 assailants, whom approached him, the reason the conviction came about is because the jury was mislead about the stand your ground law by additional conflicting instructions given to the jury as well as the prosecutor’s closing comments to the jury.
    They much provide evidence that Andrew Blanco approached without any criminal intent, that never happen and they never claim that he did. Blanco said he didn’t approached John, that was rejected by the court and the prosecution, so they know that he was lying. John has been arguing these facts but has been denied and disrespected because he doesn’t have strong representation, most likely because of the wealth and political strength of the decease William Troy’s family and the fact John made it known he intend to sue, if he has strong representation, his freedom and a large suite would be a sure thing. The evidences is on the website
    ‘ americanmekinguniversal.org ‘. They never proof John did not act in self- defense, whether John throw the first punch or not they never proofed it or that Blanco approached him, because Blanco denied approaching John because they known Blanco did and the never presented a theory of why. The guys had yelled to the couple that they needed security to walk with them to their car before they approached the couple at their car, this case could be a hot topic politically it’s already gathered a lot attention through the website and other means which have been consistently depressed through means such as hacking. They won’t allow John to receive mail from people who is trying to support him. Someone championing this cause will become the center of a lot of publicity and he will be in his debt regarding any settlement. The website ‘ americanmekinguniversal.org ‘ has received about million hits, he never received any letter about the website, support the cause sign the petition on his website, tell a friend to tell a friend. Share in the struggle. Share in victory. Share in the reward. Contact his mother Mrs. Celeste Dobbs at (951) 259-7127 &/or at dobbsceleste7@gmail.com.
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  9. smooth4

    State officials conspire to convict an innocent man to appease a wealthy family

    Does justice have a double standard for black men

    John Dobbs: case number 48-2006-CF-15201-0, (DC) inmate no.C00618, a resident of Florida prison
    Innocent black man given a life sentence for second degree murder on an non existing " stand your ground" law

    Conviction is:
    (a) Racial profiling
    (b) Selective prosecution
    (c) Contrary to the evidences
    (d) Prosecutor misconduct
    (e) Confusing jury instructions on the law of self defense

    John Dobbs: was given:
    (a) Two different "Charge Information"
    (b) Unsigned, subpoenas with the case no. 48-2006-CF-0015201-0
    (c) Four different case numbers, for the October 25,2006 incident
    (d) Two different " Adversary Preliminary Hearing Proceedings"(APH) Transcripts, one is 65 pages and the other is 85 pages

    The "Jury Instructions" are improper and confusing on the law of self defense

    Please view and promote his website " americanmekinguniversal.org," and sign his petition "Free John Dobbs"

    Contact no. (951) 259-7127, e-mail address: dobbsceleste@yahoo.com

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  10. ChrisB

    To Ms. Ogunnaike's comment about just reporting what the public wants, I say where do I sign up to be asked what I want to be reported? I want to partake of news that is factual, fact checked, not what passes for news in 2012. I don't trust any news that I read/hear as it is all tabloid in nature all the time. We are seriously in trouble when we can't trust a very important part of keeping our democracy in place.

    April 16, 2012 at 8:18 pm | Reply
  11. jeremywhooten

    I must've missed the announcement telling me where I could register my vote for the news I want to watch.

    Ms. Ogunnaike is being generous to her journalist brethren when she says, "We just report what the public demands." Members of the media don't just report the news; they MAKE THE NEWS. And they make the news that appeals to their viewership's basest instincts for salacious, inflammatory and provocative content.

    In 1952, Generoso Pope Jr. purchased the New York Evening Enquirer, a Sunday afternoon broadsheet newspaper distributed throughout New York City. In 1957, Pope changed the name of the newspaper to The National Enquirer and changed its scope to national stories of sex and scandal and headlines such as "I Cut Out Her Heart and Stomped On It" (Sept. 8, 1963) and "Mom Boiled Her Baby and Ate Her" (1962). Pope stated he got the idea for the format and these gory stories from seeing people congregate around auto accidents.

    The same thing has happened to so called mainstream media. If there's no provocative event to report on, they'll make one up–whether the viewership wants to hear it or not.

    Mr. Kurtz is an entrenched part of the Media he disingenuously analyzes. Media fuel celebrity interest, for example, by incessant coverage of Paris Hilton and the Kardashians' every move, pumping up their wealthy but unaccomplished lives. Celebrity coverage is news-on-the-cheap compared with the costs of assigning real journalists to report events from around the world. The cost-benefit analysis determines what will be covered. It also at once deifies, denigrates and discards its meal tickets that cheat the public of a balanced view and robs the famous (and infamous) of their humanity.

    CNN and other news outlets are now makling celebrities of the participants in the Trayvon Martin case. Over one weekend, the breathless voiceover announced, "Get the latest on the Trayvon Martin case!" as if he was announcing the latest celebrity gossip. Disgusting.

    Instead of journalists, we now have media terrorists. Thanks Generoso Pope, Rupert Murdoch and all your vile spawn.

    April 16, 2012 at 12:43 pm | Reply
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  13. termlimits

    I wish Howie would quit having Jane (I hate Fox) Hall on. She offers nothing except her hatred and disdain for Fox News. I can get that on msnbc 24-7.

    April 15, 2012 at 2:20 pm | Reply
  14. Tom Erdos

    To Ms. Ogunnaike's comment that the public demands 40 to 45% coverage of this news story, I don't - not at all. I was quite surprised to find out that the news coverage was a factor of what the public wanted it to be. I don't want this at all. I wish there was real news on the news more often. What a waste of a valuable resource of the Fourth Estate!

    But, even if if she is correct and the public does demand this level of attention in a single story, no matter what the story, why do it? The press in the U.S. has unimaginable freedom compared with many places in the world, and it should be embarrassed not to be using that freedom to the fullest extent possible. I am completely disappointed in the U.S. press when it covers any story beyond the actual news that story it makes in a day. It appears that the media has lost its way in ethics and public responsibility.

    April 15, 2012 at 2:17 pm | Reply
    • termlimits

      I'm with you, this story was over covered by a mile. No need for all that coverage for a small town story.

      April 15, 2012 at 2:23 pm | Reply
    • Santhachit

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