August 17th, 2012
05:01 PM ET

Sneak peek at this Sunday's show

By Jamie Gray, CNN

Howard’s back in Washington this Sunday. During Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s first week under the media microscope, we’ve learned important details about the Wisconsin Congressman’s fitness routine and his work as a burger flipper. We’ve also seen liberal pundits trashing Ryan’s record and conservatives pushing back against this scrutiny. We’ll pick through the coverage with Erin McPike of RealClearPolitics, Politico’s Jonathan Martin, and George Washington University journalism professor, Steve Roberts.

Additionally, Current TV’s David Shuster and GBTV’s Amy Holmes will take a closer look at how the Ryan pick has played out across the cable news partisan divide

The moderators for the fall debates were announced this week; among those picked were CNN’s Candy Crowley, the first female presidential debate moderator since 1992 and CBS News veteran, Bob Schieffer. Schieffer will give Howard his reaction to being chosen, as well as how he landed his 60 Minutes interview with Romney and Ryan.

Finally, author Gail Sheehy will discuss the legacy of former Cosmopolitan magazine editor, Helen Gurley Brown, who died this week at the age of 90.

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