January 25th, 2013
04:22 PM ET

Sneak peek at this Sunday's show

By Cassie Spodak, CNN

Longtime NBC Sports host Bob Costas sits down exclusively with Reliable Sources to talk about his controversial comments on gun control back in December. What role should social commentary play in sports coverage? Costas talks about his regrets concerning his 90 second editorial on gun culture and what he would have done differently.

Costas also shares his views on the scandal surrounding college football star Manti Te’o and his virtual girlfriend. Were media lazy in covering what everyone assumed was a straight forward feel-good story?

President Obama’s inaugural address was met with high praise on the left, and alarm on the right. Did the President’s speech serve the purpose he intended – or was it just easy bait for pundits looking to build the President up, or tear him down?

Contributing editor to the Newsweek/Daily Beast David Frum, and Columnist for the Chicago Tribune Clarence Page will discuss how the inaugural ceremony played out across media and how deep an impression President Obama left on the partisan landscape.

Page and Frum will also discuss Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s grilling by Congress on her handling of the Benghazi attacks, and how her testimony was received by pundits and reporters.

The Washington Post’s “Reliable Source” columnist Amy Argetsinger talks about Howard Kurtz’s exclusive interview with Jill Kelley and how media outlets painted a picture of the General Petreaus scandal, and the women involved, that did not always match reality.

This Sunday, 11am ET.

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