May 19th, 2013
02:17 PM ET

Media Monitor – May 19

Howard Kurtz breaks down the frenzied coverage of Prince Harry’s U.S. visit and the announcement that Barbara Walters will retire after this year.

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May 19th, 2013
02:10 PM ET

AP under assault

Jennifer Loven, Jane Hall & Joe Concha join Howard Kurtz to discuss the Justice Department’s decision to seize phone records from the Associated Press.

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May 19th, 2013
01:15 PM ET

Candor about breast cancer

Journalist Michelle Cottle tells Howard Kurtz about her decision to write about her deeply personal decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy.

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May 19th, 2013
01:11 PM ET

Bloomberg apologizes for snooping

Jane Hall, Joe Concha & Howard Kurtz talk about Bloomberg News’ admission that reporters monitored executives’ use of terminals.

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May 19th, 2013
01:11 PM ET

Media denounce IRS scandal

Jennifer Rubin, David Shuster & Howard Kurtz look at the media’s criticism of the Obama administration in the wake of allegations of IRS misconduct.

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May 19th, 2013
01:09 PM ET

ABC’s talking points flub

Jennifer Rubin, David Shuster, Jane Hall & Howard Kurtz on ABC’s reporting on the Benghazi talking points emails.

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