June 30th, 2013
02:20 PM ET

Howie's goodbye

After 15 years, Howard Kurtz signs off as host of 'Reliable Sources' with reflections on his time at CNN.

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June 30th, 2013
02:07 PM ET

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Are women's magazines serious?

Do women's magazines serve as a platform for serious journalism? Howard Kurtz asks Janet Reitman and Robbie Myers to weigh in.

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June 30th, 2013
01:51 PM ET

Media boost same-sex marriage rulings

Steve Roberts, Jane Hall, Terence Smith & Howard Kurtz discuss media coverage of this week's historic Supreme Court same-sex marriage rulings.

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June 30th, 2013
01:51 PM ET

Paula Deen under fire for racial slurs

Steve Roberts, Jane Hall, Terence Smith and Eric Deggans joins Howard Kurtz to talk about the celebrity chef's latest TV appearance.

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June 30th, 2013
01:47 PM ET

Covering the George Zimmerman trial

Steve Roberts, Jane Hall, Terence Smith and Eric Deggans join Howard Kurtz to weigh in on the extensive news coverage of the George Zimmerman murder trial.

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June 30th, 2013
01:43 PM ET

Media Monitor – June 30

Alec Baldwin goes on another Twitter rant and Texas State Senator Wendy Davis wages an 11-hour filibuster.

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June 28th, 2013
03:45 PM ET

Sneak peek at this Sunday's show

When the Supreme Court handed down several major decisions this week, including two historic same-sex marriage rulings, voices on both sides of the debate weighed in. On ‘Reliable Sources’ this Sunday, we’ll discuss the tone of coverage following these landmark rulings with the George Washington University’s Steve Roberts, American University’s Jane Hall, and former PBS correspondent Terence Smith. On the NSA/Edward Snowden front, our panel will discuss Glenn Greenwald firing back against journalists who question whether or not he should be arrested for his NSA reporting. And as companies continue to cut ties with Paula Deen, we’ll discuss reaction following the celebrity chef’s emotional ‘Today Show’ appearance where she addressed allegations of racism.

The highly anticipated George Zimmerman murder trial began in Sanford, Florida this week. We’ll analyze the extensive wall-to-wall coverage the trial has received with Tampa Bay Times columnist Eric Deggans.

Later in the show, we’ll talk to Elle Magazine editor-in-chief Robbie Myers and Rolling Stone contributor Janet Reitman about whether there’s a gender gap in reporting hard news stories in men’s and women’s magazines.

And finally, after a CNN career spanning nearly two decades, Howard Kurtz signs off as host of ‘Reliable Sources’ with some reflections on his time at CNN and the major stories he’s covered since the show’s first broadcast in 1998.

Tune in Sunday morning 11am ET.

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What we're reading this week
June 27th, 2013
04:39 PM ET

What we're reading this week

By Becky Perlow, CNN

Dan Stein, intern who raced SCOTUS decision to NBC News, speaks out

The "Running of the Interns" is a time honored tradition for the DC media. Respective news interns spend their summer vacations standing in sweltering, swamp-like DC heat, waiting for Supreme Court decisions to be handed down. This year, though, one intern in particular drew more attention than others: Dan Stein, an editor of the Yale Daily News, became a viral sensation after numerous media outlets showed him racing from inside the Court's press room to hand deliver the Court's decision (and dissent) to his company's awaiting correspondent, Pete Williams.  Stein was later interviewed on NBC's "Today" and told the morning show team it was "an honor to be part of the history."

'Virginia'? Radford University's diplomas misspell 'Virginia'

Irony can be a funny thing, especially when a collegiate program that is supposedly teaching students to edit their articles can't even seem to edit its own diplomas. According to Joe Carpenter, Radford’s chief communications officer, "1,481 undergraduate and graduate diplomas from fall 2012 and spring 2013 were misspelled."

Recollections from hundreds of executions in Texas

Michael Graczyk, an Associated Press reporter who has covered Texas executions since 1984,  can't remember how many executions he has witnessed, and to be honest, he doesn't really care to anyway. He is, however, able to recall very specific memories - from one inmate singing "Silent Night" as the lethal injection coursed through his veins, to another inmate's "pretty brown eyes" popping open as he died.

Brighton manager learns from BBC he's been fired while working for BBC

It's embarrassing enough to lose your job... but one British soccer club manager not only lost his job, but also lost his job on live television. According to Deadspin, Brighton & Hove Albion's manager, Gus Poyet  "was officially fired when BBC producers printed out a press release from the team announcing the decision and it was read aloud for him on air."


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June 23rd, 2013
04:51 PM ET

Greenwald defends NSA leaker

The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald reacts to Edward Snowden’s flight to Moscow. Howard Kurtz, David Zurawik, Emily Bell & Amy Holmes continue to discuss the latest NSA developments.

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June 23rd, 2013
04:24 PM ET

A 'hero' to some, now a fugitive

Amy Holmes, Michelle Cottle & Howard Kurtz discuss how the media has chosen to cover NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

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