March 23rd, 2014
12:59 PM ET

Too much missing plane coverage?

CNN's Brian Stelter and Erik Wemple of The Washington Post on the praise and criticism of wall-to-wall plane coverage.

March 23rd, 2014
12:57 PM ET

Unexplored angles of the missing plane story

Brian Stelter, Miles O'Brien & Jon Ostrower on the difficulties of reporting the Malaysia Air 370 story.

Malaysian authorities vs. the media
March 23rd, 2014
12:55 PM ET

Malaysian authorities vs. the media

Brian Stelter talks to Malaysian journalist Jahabar Sadiq about press freedoms within the country and why reporters face difficulties in getting officials to answer questions.

March 23rd, 2014
12:53 PM ET

Putin TV in chaos

Former RT anchor Liz Wahl joins Brian Stelter to discuss the network tensions following her on-air resignation.

Filed under: Russia Today
March 23rd, 2014
12:41 PM ET

Robots writing the news

Brian Stelter reports on how a robot helped an LA Times reporter publish news of a sudden earthquake this week.

Filed under: Los Angeles Times