May 10th, 2014
06:13 PM ET

Web preview: Mike Rogers on radio hosting

In this Reliable Sources web preview, Rep. Mike Rogers tells us what he hopes to accomplish with his new radio show.

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May 10th, 2014
11:04 AM ET

Sneak peek at this Sunday's show - May 11 at 11am ET

On this Mother's Day edition of "Reliable Sources," I'll be talking about family ties - specifically, the CBS News president David Rhodes and his brother Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser for the Obama administration. Ben Rhodes wrote the newly-disclosed September 14, 2012 email that provided Republicans with a fresh front in their attacks on the administration over Benghazi.

Does this family tie create a real conflict of interest for CBS News? More broadly, does the network have a "Benghazi problem?" My two guests have a lot to say about this: Jeff Greenfield worked at CBS in the 1980s and again in the 2000s, most recently as the network's senior political correspondent, and Joe Hagan wrote this New York magazine feature about Lara Logan's discredited "60 Minutes" report about Benghazi.

I also have two guests lined up to discuss Monica Lewinsky's much-dissected magazine essay and the media's reactions to it: Naomi Wolf, the author and social critic, and Jeffrey Toobin, CNN's senior legal analyst, who wrote the 1999 book "A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President."

(BTW, my favorite line from Lewinsky's essay: "It may surprise you to learn that I'm actually a person.")

I have a very interesting interview, taped last week, with Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers, who is leaving Congress for Cumulus, the radio company. Rogers believes he can have more influence as a talk radio host than as a congressman. We'll post a preview of the interview later today.

Later on in the program, I'll also speak with one of our country's best-known Latino journalists, Maria Elena Salinas of Univision, about media portrayals of minority groups.

And I'll look at the news coverage of this week's National Climate Assessment report through a Red News/Blue News lens.

See you at 11 a.m. Eastern time on Sunday!


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