February 15th, 2015
03:57 PM ET

'Reliable Sources:' February 15, 2015

Watch all the stories from today's show:

This week was a "shock to the system" for journalists everywhere. Brian Stelter discussed it with the legendary journalist and author Carl Bernstein, then followed up on recent scrutiny of Brian Williams' claims about SEAL Team Six with a former member of the team, Don Mann.

Will Williams be able to return to his "NBC Nightly News" chair? Stelter, Bernstein and former CNN war correspondent Michael Ware weighed in.

NBC News was in turmoil even before the Williams controversy began. Andrew Heyward, a former president of CBS News, provided the perspective of a network news chief.

Jon Stewart was a media critic like no other - so now that he's signing off "The Daily Show," how can he be replaced? John Fugelsang explained what he thinks Comedy Central should be looking for.

On Thursday night, New York Times media columnist David Carr died. Stelter and CNN's own Anthony Bourdain paid tribute to their friend.

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