February 22nd, 2015
02:47 PM ET

'Reliable Sources:' February 22, 2015

Watch all the stories from today's show:

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's claims about "war zone" experience are coming under intense scrutiny. Former CBS news correspondent Eric Engberg disputes several of O'Reilly's claims about his time covering the Falklands War from Argentina.

How do the charges against O'Reilly compare to the allegations levied against NBC's Brian Williams? Will the media response be the same? Brian Stelter speaks with Daily Beast columnist Jeff Greenfield and follows up with Engberg.

With Williams suspended without pay for six months, what does the future hold for the "NBC Nightly News?" "Inside Edition" host Deborah Norville joins Brian Stelter to analyze whether NBC's ratings are holding up with Lester Holt in the anchor chair.

Rudy Giuliani dominated headlines this week for his comments that he believes Obama doesn't love America. CNN commentator Van Jones & former Giuliani speechwriter David Frum explore how media responded.

Are you planning to watch the Oscars? Movie producer & Academy voter Ira Deutchman gives viewers an insider perspective into the voting process.

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